18 Banks Rd / Brooktondale, NY 14817 Google Map 607.279.8697


Staff Members
Amy Martin (Office Manager / NYC Operations)

Amy runs the office, is in charge of sales, and keeps our finances in order

Anne Riordan (Farm Manager)

Anne is the farm manager.  She is in charge of everything having to do with raising crops, from winter planning to final fall harvest.

Dara Gray (Warehouse manager)

Dara manages all inventory in the warehouse, is responsible for packaging retail bags, is in charge of maintaining the high quality our products between the time they are cleeaned and the time they are sold

Eric Kincaid-Enders (Garlic Farmer )

Eric raises horses on the farm and is in charge of growing, using "horse" power, our garlic

Erick Smith (Farm Owner/Founder)

Erick is the primary owner of CPO and works with everyone on the farm

Harlan Miceck (Chief Mechanic)

Harlan job is to fix anything that needs fixing, whether it  be a diesel tractor that needs rebuilding or a metal grain chute that needs remaking.

Harry Brown (Beanery Operator)

Harry is the person responsible for running all the equipment in the new  beanery that is needed to provide the highest quality fresh products that can be produced.

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