Rolled Oats

Rolled Oats
Why are we so passionate about producing

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There are a few things you should know about the organic and conventional rolled oats currently available:

The oats are grown primarily on large farms in the midwest and midwestern Canada

The oats are rolled by large corporations. Most organic rolled oats come from a single facility in Saskatchewan, Canada.

These rolled oats are sold by the tractor-trailer load, meaning that small local distributors, like Regional Access and Finger Lakes Fresh, have no access to bulk rolled oats at a reasonable price and, thus, only carry them in small retail bags.

Large corporations need products with a long, long shelf life and look for ways to treat their products to increase shelf life. Since rolled oats have an enzyme that causes them to begin to go rancid after 6 months to a year, corporate rolled oats are steam to destroy the enzyme, then dried.
Steaming and drying requires a lot of CO2 producing fossil fuel

Steaming oats robs them of their natural fresh flavor and, we believe, can also reduce their nutritional value.

The bulk rolled oats that you see in your food coop’s bulk bin in the Northeast have traveled around 1500 miles

How are our fresh organic rolled oats different?

Our oats are locally grown on small to medium-sized organic farms in New York

CPO is a small locally-owned business that is strongly connected to the local community.

CPO will only supply small regional distributors as well as its own customers
CPO will not steam its rolled oats. They are truly a fresh product.
No steaming means saving tons of CO2 emissions over time.

Because they are not steamed, CPO’s rolled oats will taste better than corporate rolled oats. They will be good for you and for the planet.

Because they are not steamed, CPO’s rolled oats should be stored out of direct sunlight and kept reasonably cool. If you want to keep them for more than 6 months, we suggest refrigerating them

For nearly all of our customers, CPO’s rolled oats are produced within 250 miles of your kitchen
We are very excited about this new prod
uct. Please contact us if you have any questions.