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2013 Harvest

Certified Organic New York State Grown Beans and Grains from the 2011 Harvest

Wholesale available in 25# Bags, 6X5# and 12X1# cases

Retail available in 25#, 5#, and 1# bags

(please call or email for updated availability, pricing and delivery/pickup options)

Beans -



Red Kidney


Red Merlot

 Heirloom (limited supply)-

Canelinni, Yellow Eye, Cranberry and Jacob's Cattle


Freekeh (roasted spelt berries)

Farro Medio (Emmer)

Spelt Berries

Live Barley Berries

Live Oat Groats

Rye Berries


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Cayuga Pure Organics Barn Raising Fund Raiser on 8/29/2013August 7th, 2013

Brooklyn Kitchen, 100 Frost st. Brooklyn, NY 11211, will be hosting this event. All proceeds go to rebuilding the farm!