Bean Cooking

Bean Cooking
Cooking feild fresh dry beans is quite different than cooking beans that have spent unknown years in an unknown warehouse – use the general guide we’ve prepared below to help cook your beans to perfection!

Soaking times (not using “quick soak” method, see below)

Black Beans

Soak Time:  3 hours

Cook Time:  35-45 minutes


Navy Beans

Soak Time:  2 hours

Cook Time:  35-45 minutes


Red Kidney Beans

Soak Time: 4-5 hours

Cook Time:  60-75 minutes


Red Merlot Beans

Soak Time:  3-4 hours

Cook Time:  45-60 minutes


Pinto Beans

Soak Time:  3-4 hours

Cook Time:  45-60 minutes


Jaocob’s Cattle Beans

Soak Time:  3-4 hours

Cook Time:  45-60 minutes


Adzuki Beans

Soak Time:  0-1 hour

Cook Time:  35-45 minutes

Basic Cooking Instructions

1) General Ratio of Water to 1 cup soaked Bean: 3:1

2) Rinse thoroughly and pick through; Soak for the beans appropriate amount of time or quick soak; bring to boil; cover and simmer

Cooking Tips

1) Quick Soaking Method:  boil beans for 3 minutes, turn off heat, cover with a lid for 1 hour, drain soaking liquid and cook with fresh water

2) Add salt, vinegar, and acidic ingredients (tomatoes) about ¾ of the way through the cooking time; this is a good time to add hearty vegtables and herbs so that they don’t overcook; large pieces carrots, onions, etc. and hearty spices and herbs can be added at the beginning of the cooking process too

3) Add delicate herbs and vegetables once the beans have been removed from the heat

4) Add a 2 inch piece of Kombu while soaking and cooking to improve digestibility and enhance flavor

5) Simmer beans gently with a lid to help keep their form, open the lid slightly and adjust heat if beans start to boil over

6) Add a couple tablespoons of oil to prevent boil overs

7) If more water is needed during the cooking process, add enough boiling water to cover the beans by 2-3 inches

8) The simple of addition of vinegar and salt (only ¾ through the cooking process) enhances the overall flavor of beans

9) For optimal flavor store the beans in there cooking liquid for at least 1 day; the flavor of cooked beans is always best on the 2nd or 3rd day

10) Beans freeze well for up to 6 months, drain the beans before freezing (the bean stock can also be frozen for up to 6 months); they will refrigerate well for up to 1 week