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WPT series are so popular and there are so many people enjoy watching Omi88 Poker tournament of WPT through television or live.

WPT togel omi88 Poker on Television

Back then, WSOP can be enjoyed through TV several years after its birth. However, WPT is different since it was created by television producer who wanted to spread more and introduce this game worldwide. This Omi88 Poker tournament has been broadcasting over 150 territories and countries. The season is still going and it is airing on Fox Sports Regional Networks for those who live in US.

The People Behind Omi88 Poker WPT Broadcast

Fox Sports and WPT made announcement to deal about broadcasting for 5 years in August, 2016. Currently, the show of this Omi88 Poker tournament is featured with Vince Van Patten and Tony Dunst as the commentator and analyst. Dunst becomes the host of WPT Raw Deal in the season 9 after winning the competition for the open casting and getting his role to replace Mike Sexton who was retired after giving comments for 15 years on the same tournament.

Now Van Patten becomes the main commentator and Dunst is the co-commentator. Previously, Van Patten was the co-commentator alongside Sexton since the beginning of this WPT tournament. Meanwhile, the anchor of the game is Lynn Gilmartin and her focus is on presenting and hosting the show.

Gilmartin also does the interviews intimately with Omi88 Poker players to additional report and she is the current main anchor now for WPT so there were not many changes on the show.

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